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Rizhao boasts of a rich historical base dating back to 3500 BC to 2000 BC. The ancient tribe of Dongyi ruled Rizhao during the Xia and Shang dynasty.

It was in 1687 when the town was actually built by Song King Yuanyou and named as Rizhou “land where the rising sun comes first.” In 1184 it was under the jurisdiction of Juzhou and Qingzhou in Ming Dynasty and Yizhou in Qing Dynasty.

In 1928 the city came under the Shandong province and in March 1940 Anti-Japanese Democratic government of Rizhao County was formed.

After the formation of People’s Republic of China, government transferred serially from Yishui, Jiaozhou to Linyi administrative offices.

In March 1958 it was upgraded to the level of a city and in December 1992 it owned two counties and a district.