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'Rizhao', named after “getting the earliest sunshine” is one of the cradles of Chinese Civilization that has a long history. Its radiant culture, dynasties and some famous historic relics nominated the coastal city as “China's Top Tourist City” by State Tourism Administration since December 2003. 

Various scenic spots attract a large number of travellers to Rizhao, as a result of which the tourism industry has seen rapid growth in the recent past.

Some of the places of attraction are as under:

Wanping Kou coastal spot:

Located in the new district of Rizhao City in Shandong Province, 'Wanping Kou' is a picturesque region and historic interest. Thousands of boats arrive at the port and its coastline that looks awesome.

Its moderate climate, average temperature and location near the National Ocean forest park of Rizhao make it an ideal and popular tourist destination on China's golden coastline.

Besides this, what actually draw attention to the place is the nature’s beauty that has endowed it with the sea, sandy beaches and plenty of fresh air in close proximity to Shanhaitian holiday resort and Rizhao Arboretum.

Tourists can enjoy a great deal of time in many outdoor activities like volleyball, fishing, sunbathing and yachting as well. Various competitions like sailing championship are held at this port that does attract a huge number of visitors from home as well as abroad.

Jiuxian Mountain:

'Jiuxian Mountain', a striking place with grand architecture under the project Garden Village has actually preserved the architecture for eco-tourism, cultural tourism and academic research. In one way, it is a mode in order to safeguard the place and to prevent its dilapidation by applying restoration. 

The beautiful landscapes, Architectural heritage and the social culture therein along with the rich sightseers and areas of interests like the Boot Stone, the Dragon pond and the Azalea Park are famous for their picturesque beauty that add fame to this place. In fact, this mountain is surely on the must-watch list of travellers.

Wulian Mountain (Holy Land of Buddhism):

Well known for its Buddhism culture, 'Wulian Mountain' is the holy land of its followers who visit the ancient Buddhist temple of the Jin Dynasty. A 3,500-year-old ancient Ginkgo tree of 'Shang' and 'Zhou' Dynasties is the major tourist attraction here. 

Blessed with the eye-catching beauty of nature and scenery, the place is a spectacular unison of birds, striking peaks, amazing waterfalls and caves that do attract adventure enthusiasts. 

Often referred to as the wild azalea base in China, this place witness remarkable azaleas bloom all over the mountains and parks that one just cannot miss during the period of April and May every year.

Rizhao Seaside National Forest Park:

Rizhao Seaside National Forest Park is situated in north Seaside Road, Rizhao City, Shandong Province. 

It is a national-level forest park which is formed in 1992. 

The park hosts a Zoological Park, a shark aquarium, a fishing centre, etc. that acts as a remarkably good venue for relaxation.

Bamboo Garden:

Rizhao Bamboo Garden and its picturesque area comprise a bamboo culture park, National culture park, Commander tea park, Black bamboo park and Water entertainment park. One can find many varieties of bamboo here that range from Mao bamboo, Mottled bamboo, Monthly bamboo, Black bamboo, etc.

Shanhaitian tourism & Vacation zone:

Shanhaitian tourism and Vacation zone is popular for its World sailing championship. Located in the golden ocean line in the northeast of Rizhao city, it is a charming place sanctified with clean air, blue sea, clear sky and sandy beach that really drive you in. Considered as one of the best places to live the coastline along with reefs, beaches and rocks carved into lifelike statues by sea are crowd pullers. Besides this, the plantations like the Locust trees, Pines and Poplars and the nearby sea areas along with the islands are other famous tourist spots.