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'Rizhou' enjoys a very favourable geographical location with Korea and Japan across the seas in the east and the Qingdao neighbouring it in the northeast. Weifang borders it along the north and Linyi from the west and southwest. 

Rizhou is a prefecture-level city with 'Donggang District, Ju County, Wulian County, Lanshan District, Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone and Shanhaitian Tourism & Vacation Zone' coming under its jurisdiction. 

The city occupies an area of 5310 sq.km. with beautiful, sun-kissed 62 miles of coastline.

Coordinates: 35°25′01″N 119°31′37″E

Rizhao's main advantage lies in its two international ports - Rizhao Port and Lanshan Port. 

As the city is located in a favourable geographic location with a moderately humid climate and a large land area, it does not suffer from common problems like ice and silts. 

Over the years, Rizhao has turned out to be China’s ninth-largest port. It is currently maintaining navigation relations with major ports across numerous countries all around the world with whom it is connected via several containers, cargo, and passenger lines. 
Transportation is at its optimum with the port connected with three railways and two highways. It connects Rizhao with Xi’an in China and with Port of Rotterdam (Holland), Port of Antwerp (Belgium) among other European ports. 

'Qingdao International Airport' at a distance of 140 kilometres and 'Lianyungang Airport' at 120 kilometres closely encircle Rizhao thus enabling free travel. Both are easily accessible by public/private transport.


As a coastal city, Rizhou's eastern part is habitual to a humid, warm monsoon climate, while the western part enjoys a temperate continental climate. Temperatures during summers or winters do not differ much and the area benefits from a moderate temperature all year round. Tourists can visit the city at any time of the year.